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Spencil MaD Love Notes perfect for Spencil Lunch Bags

Spencil MaD Love Notes perfect for Spencil Lunch Bags

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Change their world with just a few words.

Perfect for lunchboxes, tucking under their pillow, or in their bag, Spencil MaD (Mums and Dads) Love Notes let you be there for your kids when you physically can’t.

Depending on the day (and the mood!) of you and your little loves, you can personalise messages or take cues from the pre-written jokes, messages and affirmations. There’s nothing like a kind word from you written on a MaD Love Note to make your child’s heart swell to epic proportions. It could be just the little pick-me-up they need to get them through their day, their fear or challenge.

There’s a card for every occasion, mood and emotional state, with room to tailor your ‘MaD Love’ note. From an all-out “I love you” to a more understated ‘fist-bump’ or a smile-inducing ‘fun fact’, ‘weird thought’ or ‘MaD joke’ (like a Christmas Cracker), your kids can share with their friends, depending on where you want to sit on the ‘Overt to Covert Love Scale!’

Presented in a compact button box with snap closure, this pack includes 30 separate love note cards (with space to add 20 more!). Individual notes are made of 350gsm card, sturdy enough to survive backpacks and lunchboxes.

There's a dedicated little pouch inside every Spencil lunch bag for the MaD Love notes.

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