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Mont Marte Graphite 2B Pencils

Mont Marte Graphite 2B Pencils

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The Mont Marte Signature 2B Graphite Pencils are perfect for home, school or the office. These great all-rounders feature smooth leads that are easy to sharpen and erase, making them ideal for both drawing and writing.

  • Smooth and scratch resistant
  • Easy to sharpen and erase
  • Strong core for break resistance
  • Perfect for use at home, school or the office
  • Suitable for drawing, writing and shading

Pencil care:Keep your 2B graphite pencils sharp with a conventional sharpener or a hobby knife. If you're using a hobby knife, always sharpen away from yourself under adult supervision. For a finer point, try using a sandpaper block or fine grit sandpaper.

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