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Faber Castell Whiteboard Set Magnetic Whiteboard, 3 Markers

Faber Castell Whiteboard Set Magnetic Whiteboard, 3 Markers

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Kids will adore learning on-the-go with Faber-Castell Bi-Colour Whiteboard Sets. Including a double-sided magnetic whiteboard with hanger holes and Faber-Castell Bi-Colour Whiteboard Markers, young ones can practice writing anywhere.

This pack includes 3 Faber-Castell BiColour Whiteboard Markers (Red / Black, Green / Brown, Blue / Violet) and 1 double-sided magnetic whiteboard.

  • Line Width: 1.5mm
  • Short, thick barrel shape is ideal for smaller hands
  • Pen use promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Lids contain magnets and dry erasers for extra convenience
  • Bright, vibrant colours help to organise big ideas
  • Ink is non-toxic and safe for kids
  • Long-lasting ink means fewer marker replacements
  • Ink effortlessly dry-erases for easy, residue-free clean-up
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